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【21: 00 ~ Limited】 ◎ 2nd drink unlimited ★ to 3rd party and sudden banquet ★ secretary-like casual course with benefits! 2000 yen

【21: 00 ~ Limited】 ◎ 2nd drink unlimited ★ to 3rd party and sudden banquet ★ secretary-like casual course with benefits! 2000 yen

By using a coupon2000 yen

  • 2items
  • 6persons-
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minute system (15 minutes before LO)

Two recommended dishes ★ ★

Course menu

Two snacks, 2 hrs with all you can eat


★ There is a huge projector ★ TV watching OK!

Bingo games and other events will be received at a preliminary reservation!

◆ Maximum seating capacity for 60 people Maximum 100 people for standing

◆ Secretary-sama, easy! Even immediately before the production day it immediately responds! Round-throw warm welcome !! The seat layout is free.Let 's decide at a pre - meeting.

◆ 25 ~ ◎ 40 or more bride and groom in free!

◆ If you come, you can drink soon! You can enter from 1 hour before !!

- First person in secretary Please do not worry.-

☆ privilege ☆

◇ We will act as chairperson! Trained staff will be excited with full strength !! Secretary who wants to be the chairperson → Script is Onza い ま す !!

◇ You can order a drink immediately after the reception is finished! (Please wait slowly!)

◇ Create a time schedule together! (Secure even if you do not have time for the first time) Secure, Game proposal, Premium consultation, Surprise Please feel free to contact us!

☆ Equipment ☆

◆ Maximum seating capacity for 60 people, maximum for eating up to 100 people (The layout of the seating is free.Let 's decide at a pre - meeting.)

◆ 100 inch huge projector equipped (original picture, wedding video, bang bang!)

◆ I am renting out the bingo equipment! (Because it projects on the projector, it's easy to see! And smooth !!)

◆ Two wireless microphones (Move around a wide venue!) There is a microphone stand.DVD, Blu-ray, PC connection, I Pad connection possible ※ There is a converter!

◆ Lending Cheki Machinery Lending, POSCA, Accessories, Photoprox

☆ Consultation on cooking content is also available.(If there are many people who participate from the third party, increase cooking ... etc)

☆ Let's take a commemorative photo at the end with a love sofa that is only one in Hiroshima !!

For more information store!


※ In the case of cancellation after confirmation you will be charged.Please acknowledge it once more.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Whiskey "We can enjoy the world's whiskey."
· 【Scotch】 Dewars / 【Irish】 Jameson / 【Bourbon】 Jim Beam White / 【Canadian】 Canadian Club / 【Japanese】 Suntory Square Bottle ★ Please choose how you drink.«Rock · water split · soda · cola · ginger ale»
· Beer "You can enjoy draft beer properly."
· Sapporo black label
· Wine "You can enjoy marriage with your meal."
· Red wine / White wine / Sparkling wine (300 yen per person)
· Cocktail "Various drinking methods can be enjoyed."
· Gin tonic / Moscow / Cuba River / Tequila Sunrise / Shandigafuf / Kitty / Operator / Cassis Orange / Fuzzy Navel / China Blue / Spumoni / Malibu Coke ★ Please choose how you drink.«Soda · Cola · Ginger Ale · Tonic Water · Orange Juice · Grapefruit · Oolong Tea»
· Soft Drink "You can enjoy it even if you are not good at drinking."
· Cola / Ginger Ale / Tonic Water / Orange Juice / Grapefruit Juice / Oolong Tea
· Shochu "There is even shochu"
· Potato (Black Kirishima) / wheat (Nikaido)
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2019/01/29 update