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Assorted three kinds of fine meat! Slightly luxurious course ◆ 2 H with free drink and all you can ◆ 5800 yen

Assorted three kinds of fine meat! Slightly luxurious course ◆ 2 H with free drink and all you can ◆ 5800 yen

By using a coupon5800 yen

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minute system (15 minutes before LO)

Cospa number one! All-you-can-eat sparkling! Beef fillet, beef sirloin, chestnut pork loin! You can enjoy various steak tastes at once !! Of course you can drink all you two hours and drink all you can drink! Why do not you taste a little luxurious feeling today with your favorite people?

Course menu

◆ Specially made herb oil fragrant · Algar salad

~ Our shop chef special product, herbal oil fragrant whimsical salad ~

◆ Potato's quiche

~ A classic of Western egg dishes.Grilled omelette with rich body and umami ~

◆ Italy proshet and reef pizza

~ Parma-made raw ham and local farmer's leaf vegetables collaboration pizza ~

◆ Assorted beef fillet, beef sirloin, chestnut pork loin steak

~ Beef fillet (AU) beef sirloin (domestic) chestnut swine (Spain / Garcia) ~

◆ Herb shrimp and seasonal vegetable slime pasta

~ A lot of meat can be enjoyed in the pasta with plenty of pasta! In summer it is also possible to change to chilled pasta ~

(* If you are not familiar with pasta sauce or ingredients inside the group, you can change only that one)

◆ Chef's special, Today's dessert

~ Chef's commitment handmade dessert ~

★ --- Option for 0 yen ~ 500 yen attached for course reservation --- ★ ※ Please tell us at the time of reservation

0 yen ... a coffee gift after eating ♪

0 yen ... gifts for dessert plate ♪

500 yen ... All you can drink is 2 hours → 3 hours!

※ FREE option can not be used together, fee option can be used together · It is the price of one person at a time.

* In the case of cancellation on the day, there is a case where you will receive a fee (75% of the planned payment amount).(※ 5 days in case of using group with group of more than 10 people)

Please acknowledge it once more.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Whiskey "We can enjoy the world's whiskey."
· 【Scotch】 Dewars / 【Irish】 Jameson / 【Bourbon】 Jim Beam White / 【Canadian】 Canadian Club / 【Japanese】 Suntory Square Bottle ★ Please choose how you drink.«Rock · water split · soda · cola · ginger ale»
· Beer "You can enjoy draft beer properly."
· Sapporo black label
· Wine "You can enjoy marriage with your meal."
· Red wine / white wine / sparkling wine
· Cocktail "Various drinking methods can be enjoyed."
· Gin tonic / Moscow / Cuba River / Tequila Sunrise / Shandigafuf / Kitty / Operator / Cassis Orange / Fuzzy Navel / China Blue / Spumoni / Malibu Coke ★ Please choose how you drink.«Soda · Cola · Ginger Ale · Tonic Water · Orange Juice · Grapefruit · Oolong Tea»
· Soft Drink "You can enjoy it even if you are not good at drinking."
· Cola / Ginger Ale / Tonic Water / Orange Juice / Grapefruit Juice / Oolong Tea
· Shochu "There is even shochu"
· Potato (Black Kirishima) / wheat (Nikaido)
Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2019/01/29 update