Aged meat vs. Hiroshima cow Which do you prefer? Compare the best to compare 8000 yen course! ★ 2H Drinking · Sparkling with drinks ☆

Aged meat vs. Hiroshima cow Which do you prefer? Compare the best to compare 8000 yen course! ★ 2H Drinking · Sparkling with drinks ☆

By using a coupon8000 yen

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  • 2persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes with unlimited drinks (15 minutes before LO)

Hiroshima is proud of Hiroshima brand Wagyu beef! You can taste both at the same time! Both parts are steak king's sirloin! Also I thought firmly the composition of the appetizers and salad etc until the main.You can not taste the other dessert until the other course! Homemade dessert invented by the chef by day! Small group, welcome group! Sparkling is all you can drink!


◆ Taco Marinated Salad

~ Start fresh octopus from the day before and match with fresh vegetables such as baby leaf ~

◆ Quiche of potatos and spinach

~ A classic of Western egg dishes.Grilled omelette with rich body and umami ~

◆ Italy proshet and reef pizza

~ Parma-made raw ham and local farmer's leaf vegetables collaboration pizza ~

◆ j ripe sirloin steak & Hiroshima beef sirloin assorted

~ Eat both features are good.Confirm yourself (laugh) ~

◆ Herb shrimp and seasonal vegetable cream pasta

~ Make the sauce with only soup stock of the material.Please also enjoy the texture of the shrimp of the prepr ...

(* If you are not familiar with cream sauce or ingredients inside the group, you can change only that one)

◆ today recommended dessert

~ We will offer you the freshly prepared fee for the day ~

★ --- Options for 0 yen to 500 yen attached for course reservation --- ★ ※ Please tell us at the time of reservation

0 yen ... a coffee gift after eating ♪

0 yen ... a dessert plate gift with a message ♪

500 yen ... for all you can eat roast beef!

500 yen ... All you can drink is 2 hours → 3 hours!

※ All options can be used together · It is the price of one person at a time.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer · Whiskey
- Draft beer, highball
· Rum
Lam tonic / Ramukoku
· Wine
, Red, and white
· Gin
Jin tonic / Jinbakku / Orange Blossom
· Vodka
· Vodka Tonic / Moscow Commander / Screwdriver
· Liqueur Cacktail
· Cassis orange / cassis oolong / cassis soda / fuzzy navel / peach oolong / kalua milk
- Potato / wheat
· Soft drink
· Orange / grapefruit / cola / oolong / ginger ale
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

Coupon that can be used

  • Limited for this month ★ Sun - at the course reservation for wood →
    All-you-can-drink 120 minutes to 180 minutes!

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Please tell us during the day - wood's weekday limitation / reservation

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of April 2018

2018/04/14 update